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IF THE EARTH DID TURN (please note that this does not take place on earth) (Yes I do minor cussing in this not any f*** or anything.)


Jaegen stared into the blueness and greenness of the planet that lay stretched before her eyes. She looked at her sister, Chrysanthis, also staring at the old planet. As Jaegen and Chrysanthis watched, the vast blue oceans turned red and faded. Chrysanthis began to cry, transparent tear drops rolling down her already-pink face.
"Chrysanthis," Jaegen asked her little sister, "what's wrong?"
Chrysanthis looked up at her older sister, blinking away the tears.
"Mama and Papa are still on that planet," she cried, wiping tears from her eyes. "They promised they'd come back..."
Jaegen stared flatly at her little sister, memories rushing back to her mind. She, too, began to cry.
"I... I forgot... That planet... Earth..." Jaegen cried. She buried her face in her hands. "Mom... And Dad... They didn't go on the ship, did they? They are still there, and look how quickly the oceans faded..."
The two of them sat and cried, not noticing a small blast of pressure on the tip of Earth's tallest mountain. Mt. Everest.


Jaegen split a loaf of bread and handed some to her sister. "I suppose they didn't want me remembering that I lived on Earth," Jaegen thought, recalling how her parents had erased her memory. "They wanted me to think that I always lived on this wretched Sulvania... This damn planet of desert and rivers and stupid space cattle. I want Earth again... But it's gone."
Chrysanthis looked at her sister. "Don't use that word."
"What word?"
"You know. That word."
"Yeah. That word. Mama didn't let us use it."
"I'm fifteen now. I can use that word. Mom said so."
Chrysanthis took a bite of her bread, and she savored the fresh flavor. She licked the crumbs off her lips.
"This is much better than the old stale food we usually eat," Chrysanthis added. "How come?"
"I found some wheat, the other food is just stuff we managed to scrounge before leaving Earth." Jaegen explained. "You weren't alive then," she added softly.
"Oh." Chrysanthis took another bite of her bread. "Jaegen?"
"Yeah?" Jaegen asked.
"Umm... What... Why... How... Umm... Why can't be in Jupiter or Saturn? Or Uranus or something? Why do we have to be in Sulvania?" Chrysanthis asked.
Jaegen sighed and ripped her half into four pieces. She swallowed one of the four pieces.
"Well, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are all planets made of gasses."
"Like fart gas?" Chrysanthis asked curiously.
"No, Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus aren't made of farts, Chrysie. They are made of space gasses."
"But Saturn has rings. How is it made of gas?"
"The rings are made of gas and ice."
"I see."
Jaegen stuffed another piece of bread in her mouth. She chewed the fresh bread and swallowed it gratefully.
Chrysanthis took another bite of her bread and stared at the reddening Earth. "I wonder why we have to be so far away from Earth."
"Because we are far enough away from the sun. The sun is expanding and eating the Earth. When it eats Earth, anyone and thing on Earth will burn up and die." Jaegen explained. But, there was no water on Sulvania. She missed the fresh, icy-cold water. She missed the blue oceans and white ice. She missed Earth. And though it no longer turned, Jaegen remembered the warm days and chilly nights of Summer and Winter and Spring and Autumn, and she missed those seasons and weather so dearly.
Jaegan stubbed her toe on a rock. "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it..." She cursed. No, Mama had not let her use that word. Mama had said when she was eighteen. She had broken the rules, but who cared? Mama and Papa were dead. No changing that.

Jaegen walked farther along the desert planet. She debated using the broken ship parts to fly her back to Earth, but then she pondered, what would happen if I crashlanded, just like Chrysanthis and I did when we came to here? There would be no getting back. If she crashlanded twice, the outershell of the ship would break and the engine would be too rattled. The sun would engulf her by the time she got there, anyway. It wasn't worth trying to scrounge around more. She would get caught in the fire of the sun and probably killed by a solar blast.

Meanwhile, Chrysanthis kicked at a rock. She kicked it more. It reminded her of the moon. Yes, the moon. She stared at the little rotating spacerock. Wouldn't the moon be a nice place to live? Yes, maybe she should ask Jaegen about that. No, Jaegen was in too much a bad mood. Chrysanthis kicked the rock again and this time it broke. She ran to the cracked halves of the rock, and in the inside, she saw a tiny green plant. Jaegen loved plants. She had loved her garden on Earth, Chrysanthis knew. What was so different about this plant?
"Jaegen!" Chrysanthis screamed excitedly. "Look what I found!" Jaegen got up from her squatting position and walked over to her sister.
"What?: Jaegen asked.
"I...I found a plant!" Chrysanthis picked up the tiny green sprout and the dust-soil it was in and showed it to Jaegen.
"Strange little plant," Jaegen said. "It doesn't need sunlight. It's petals are transparent, too. You can see the insides.

Hah, just a little story. I'm debating if I should turn this into a comic. It sounds like it would be a good comic, right?
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